Very few services have surpassed our expectations over the last year more than Rdio. When the idea of subscription based music first came about I was immediately hesitant, but within a day of using Rdio I knew they had my attention for as long as they were in business.

At its core, Rdio is a monthly subscription service that costs $10/month and essentially gives you full access to a music library similar to what you’d find in  iTunes. On it’s own, that sounds acceptable, but what puts Rdio over the top is how it behaves across devices and how it behaves in the social realm.

While iTunes does have iTunes Match now that utilizes iCloud to keep music available at all times, we’ve found that Rdio simply provides a more stable, easy experience for the user. Coming across a song that grabs your attention is no longer something to make a mental note of to buy later, you merely tap a few buttons and you have the entire discography of the band loaded and ready to go on your phone. Travelling to an area with no cell service or don’t want to use your data? You can sync all the songs you want to your mobile device for offline listening.

The social aspect was the one that grabbed us the most. By finding others that share our music interests, we were able to easily share music amongst them. What’s more, as they listen to things on their own, it populates a “heavy rotation” section for you to dig through and find things that might be unexplored. Playlists you create can be shared and explored by your friends, and you can even enable collaborations to let others add music with you. Even going beyond friends, you can search the playlists of any Rdio user, so finding a playlist for your workout or dinner party is nothing more than a single search away.

While the selection doesn’t quite match up with that of iTunes, the convenience factor is too much to ignore. Subscriptions can be had for $5/month on computer, or $10/month to include mobile. If you’re somehow unsure of whether this is up your alley, give the free trial a shot. I still haven’t introduced a single person to Rdio that hasn’t become just as weird and crazy about it as I am.

This is part of our Spread Love Month series of blog posts. Each day, for the month of February, we’re going to showcase something we love on the net. It’s our nerdy way of participating in the fun being had by our clients at espy.