Let’s build something together.


At Build Studio we specialize in clean and effective sites that aren’t just nice to look at, but are easy to update as well. We know what a bad website can do to your business. It can frustrate your potential customers and send them searching for a competitor, it can frustrate whichever poor soul has to update it, and it can frustrate you because it fails to represent the high standards you have for your work. We can work with you to ensure your new custom-built site has your business, customers, and staff in mind.

We understand that tackling a website project can be overwhelming, but we pride ourselves on making the process as clear and enjoyable as possible for our clients. With a focus on strong communication we can layout  the roadmap for a project from beginning to end, identify how we’ll solve the problems unique to you, flag potential hurdles, and provide the roadmap to avoid them.

There’s nothing we love more than a good site, and there’s nothing that bothers us more than a bad one. Let’s make you a good one.


Treating mobile as an afterthought is a shortcut to a bad time. We can help create a mobile experience that will allow your users to engage with your site as naturally as they would from their computer.

Search Engine Optimization

Your new site isn’t doing much good if it’s not reaching your audience. While many advertise their Search Engine Optimization services as a way to generate web traffic, we’d prefer generate you results. We want to work on your SEO strategy from the very start to make sure that you don’t just get clicks – you get good clicks. Whether it’s developing a plan of attack with social media, or creating content that drives traffic – we can help.

Identity & Branding

In a competitive market where first impressions matter, strong branding is going to be the weapon that never needs reloading. Whether it’s a logo, the layout on your business card, an emotion you want customers to equate with you, or a beautiful combination of all 3, we’ll get you swinging in the right direction.


We’ve always felt if you’re going to kill a tree, you’d better make sure you put something awesome on it. We’ll work with you to ensure your print project exceeds the expectations of your audience. Whether it’s a brochure, annual report, or anything else with a cover and staples, we’ll make it happen.


Unfortunately, while Madmen would like us to believe drinking and smoking all day until the ideas come is an effective advertising strategy, results are mixed. It turns out you need a plan. Advertising isn’t just about finding your audience, but speaking to them in a way that generates results. We can help you say what you want to say, and get it in front of the eyes and ears that matter. And we don’t drink until we’re done.