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From Up North Inspiration February 2, 2013 | by Kevin Brennan

There are no shortage of websites to gather creative inspiration from. My mother loves Pinterest. My wife enjoys Foodgawker. For
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Saul Bass Posters for The Shining January 8, 2013 | by Kevin Brennan

I love to see the process of other designers. Especially renowned designers working for renowned clients. Here’s some great insight
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Pedestrian Council of Australia May 29, 2012 | by Kevin Brennan

I love the execution of this ad by¬†DDB, Sydney, Australia. I’m still on the fence about the effectiveness of “shock”
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Lego Art | Off Book | PBS May 24, 2012 | by Kevin Brennan

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Lego (not Legos). We totally get the love for the ‘click’ sound
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Design & Thinking May 16, 2012 | by Kevin Brennan

Design & Thinking is a documentary exploring the idea of “design thinking”. It will be one of the very few
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5 Tips For Small Businesses New To SEO March 12, 2012 | by Joel Klettke

Having worked with over 45 different small businesses over my career, I know just how much confusion and misinformation is
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