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We’re Focusing on the Wrong Problems – What Golf Can Teach Us About Making Websites

At the end of that beautifully crafted golf club is still a silly human, and that’s where the trouble starts.

The Cost of Cheap

If somebody offered you a car for $500, you’d be quite right to question whether what you’re getting is actually a bargain. It might have 4 wheels, some doors and it may move forwards and backwards, but you’d still have a couple questions. The raw materials alone probably cost more, so something is clearly missing. A cheap website isn’t Continue Reading »

5 Things to Know Before Starting a Web Project

If you’ve never been involved in the creation of a website before, there are some paths that can lead to delays or bloated budgets. We’ve identified what we feel are the biggest pitfalls and how to avoid them. 1. You’re Likely Underestimating How Long Content Will Take In the majority of sites we make, the client Continue Reading »

WordCampYYC Presentation

Tim and I were lucky enough to speak at this year’s WordCampYYC in Calgary. Our presentation was on using Advanced Custom Fields to deliver a much richer experience for your clients. We’ve added a condensed version of the slide deck below (the original has a bunch of animations and is massive). If you’re looking for Continue Reading »

Step on Up to the Content Saloon (Highlights)

We recently attended Content Saloon, a Social Media event in Calgary that highlighted some prominent businesses and individuals in social media. @YYCFoodTrucks, @Enbridge and @CalgaryTransit came representing the businesses, while @dansgoodside, @mandystobo, and @codyincalgary spoke for the individuals. The main event was a fire-side chat between writer/comedian @kellyoxford (one of Calgary’s latest and greatest exports) and Continue Reading »