Not sure if you could tell, but I have some fairly geeky interests. Comics, video games, toys and cartoons are just a few of things that continue to keep my attention. The combination of great art, design and storytelling keep the kid in me interested in things that I probably should have grown out of years ago. is a site that keeps me up-to-date on all the geeky things people are doing around the world. Whether it’s someone spending 1 year to build a 400,000 piece Harry Potter castle or a video featuring an adorable squeaking frog, you’ll get daily posts of the geeky, weird and awesome stuff going on all over the world.

This is part of our Spread Love Month series of blog posts. Each day, for the month of February, we’re going to showcase something we love on the net. It’s our nerdy way of participating in the fun being had by our clients at espy.