Your hard drive is going to die one day. It’s a sad state of affairs, but with the complexity of parts in todays products, we aren’t going to see too many computer related tools that last more than a handful of years. The problem is that we are placing more things of extreme importance on our hard drives than ever before. Backup of course is a pivotal step to anybody that takes their data seriously, but what happens when you begin to hoard too much data to easily backup? One solution I’ve come up with is the Drobo.

Drobo is an enclosure that you can shove hard drives into to create a singular, giant drive. These are nothing new, but what Drobo brings to the table is a level of simplicity. It creates what is known as “redundant data protection”, meaning that it designates a certain chunk of space to protection. Should something go horribly awry and one of the drives inside a Drobo dies, the data is safely moved around so the drive can be replaced without losing anything.

What I love about my Drobo is it not only removes the worry associated with potentially losing data, but it allows for the barriers of hard drive size to be removed. Should I reach a problem of capacity on one of the drives, I just need to go buy another one and swap it out. With hard drive prices always dropping and hard drive sizes always growing, it gets cheaper and cheaper to provide the Drobo more space. An important note about safe backup: this isn’t foolproof, but merely safer. The Drobo could fail, so be sure for your extra important stuff you have offsite backup solutions in place (for example, something like SmugMug for photos).

The only downside of the Drobo is that all this awesome comes at a price. Currently the range for these is about $600-$900 in the consumer line. These are serious solutions for people with high demands for space. If you find yourself with such a demand, the Drobo will rock your world.

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