The Alberta Wilderness Association is a non-profit dedicated to conserving wilderness and wildlife throughout the entire province. Their previous website had become unmanageable due to a massive amount of content that their generic Drupal theme was unable to handle. As a result, users weren’t able to find what they needed, and we found that many eventually gave up and left the site altogether.

We designed AWA a clean, friendly, modern site that appeals to all users with better content organization, a cleaner hierarchy, and a focus on the numerous ways that Albertans (and others) can get involved in supporting AWA’s vision. In addition, we created a custom-illustrated set of 26 icons to add a bit of personality throughout the site and to aid in navigation.

We built the site on a custom WordPress theme from the ground up; the administrative area of the site allows staff to easily update the vast and varying content throughout the site with little effort or technical knowledge.