I’ve always enjoyed photography and take personal pride in keeping my pictures backed up and safe. I’m a bit of a doomsday prepper when it comes to my digital files. When somebody proudly announces that they’ve backed up their photos to an external drive (which you should all do at least), I’m the creepy one that asks “and what happens if your house burns down?”. I realize it’s a bit extreme, but if you stop to think about it, aside from your family is there much else you’d rather keep safe in the event of an emergency? When it comes to photo backups I live by the rule of 3: a photo isn’t safe until it exists on a backup drive in the house, a backup drive outside of the house, and in the cloud.

For my cloud solution, I turn to SmugMug. At $40/year I have yet to encounter a better deal for people with massive digital libraries of photos and personal videos. Once I had kids my volume of photos and videos increased exponentially, right along with my paranoia of losing them. Videos of first steps or first words became more valuable than anything I’d captured prior. What I love about SmugMug is that it provides an affordable way to back up every photo and video I’ve ever taken, it makes it easy to upload and it makes it easy to share.

With very little effort I can make an entire photo gallery, style it, password protect it and send off a link to anybody who might be interested. If there’s a downside to SmugMug, it’s that there can be an overwhelming number options at times. The control over the galleries can be a little maniacal, but if your a photo nerd like I am it’ll be welcomed with open arms.

For people that want to get a little nuts, you can upgrade the membership cost and get into the world of creating an actual website built around your photography and even selling prints. Thankfully my photos aren’t nearly nice enough, so I don’t have the burden of such complexity.

SmugMug offers a free 14 day trial, so if you’re at all curious give them a shot. Feel free to poke around their features page to see all the services they offer.

This is part of our Spread Love Month series of blog posts. Each day, for the month of February, we’re going to showcase something we love on the net. It’s our nerdy way of participating in the fun being had by our clients at espy.